M928 Military Cargo Truck

M928 Military Cargo TruckCheck out this M928 Military Cargo Truck for sale! This truck was built by AM General with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine. The M928 truck features an extra long wheel base which allows for a 20′ Cargo Bed, up from the 14′ cargo bed on the M923. This truck also features a 20,000 LB Front Winch and has also gone through our full reconditioning process. Which includes a thorough inspection by our expert mechanics and the replacement of any part that is not in top running condition, followed by the replacement of EVERY wear part (belts, hoses, seals, etc.) and the tires were upgraded to 16.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Singles to make it an extremely aggressive off-road truck with excellent performance.

Please visit our website to see all of our Military Cargo Trucks for sale, or check out our full inventory of Military Vehicles for sale.

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