M936A1 Military Wrecker/Recovery Truck

Fully Reconditioned M936A1 Military Wrecker/Recovery Truck. Featuring a 20,000 lb Front Winch and 45,000 lb rear winch as well as a Rotating Crane that can lift up to 20,000. It has ABS installed and ONLY 155 RUNNING MILES!

The M936 Military 6×6 Wrecker Truck is used to return disabled vehicles for repair, and to free stuck vehicles. The vehicle crane is hydraulically-powered, engine-driven and is used for lifting operations of up to 20,000 pounds; it can extend 10 to 18 feet. The front winch is used for freeing a vehicle or for assisting the heavy duty rear winch by acting as an anchor point. It also has two outriggers on each side for additional support. Click here to learn more about this truck.

Please visit our website to see all of our Military 5 Ton Wrecker Trucks, or check out our full inventory of Military Vehicles for sale.


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