M923A2 5 Ton 6×6 Military Cargo Truck (C-200-107)

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Fully Reconditioned M923A2 Military Cargo Truck. Powered by a 6.3l Cummins Turbo Charged diesel engine and Allison 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. This truck has Michelin XZL 14.00×20 Single Configuration Tires, Troop Seats with Cargo Cover, Cab Heater, ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), and CTIS (Central Tire Inflation System) which allows the adjustment of tire pressure with the push of a button! This truck has only 14,271 miles and 848 hours on it!


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M934 5-Ton Military Cargo Truck (C-200-106)

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Fully Reconditioned, Extra Long Wheelbase, M934 Expansible (Expandable) Van Truck with 1400R20 Goodyear Single Configuration Tires. The area of the van measures 204” long by 82” wide, which expands to give a width of 160”. The inside height is 75″. Crank Out (Slide Out) sides make this truck a great mobile Office or All Wheel Drive Camper or remove the box for an Extra Long Wheelbase Cab and Chassis. This vehicle has only 19052 miles and 545 running hours and is in Excellent Condition.

For more information on this truck please visit: http://www.oshkoshequipment.com/products/detail/1/5569/M934-5-Ton-Military-Cargo-Truck-C-200-106

M923 6×6 Military Cargo Truck (C-200-88)


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This M923 Military Cargo Truck was manufactured by AM General with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission. It only has  2210 miles and 76 hours on it. The M923 has a 14-Foot cargo box with drop-sides for easy loading/unloading of equipment. The tires have been upgraded to Michelin XZL Super Singles and comes equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes. This truck has been fully reconditioned and is ready to be put to work!

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Fully Reconditioned M925 Military Cargo Truck with only 27,419 miles and 876 hours. This truck is equipped with Anti Lock Brake System (ABS), 16.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Single Tires, Troop Seats and 20,000 lb Front Hydraulic Winch.

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8X8 … M985 Oshkosh HEMTT Cargo Truck…2017-05-12 14.50.55

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Equipped with Hydraulic winch and rear Mounted Crane. This truck was re-manufactured by Oshkosh Truck Corporation in 1998 and has only Only 7734 Miles and 921 Operating Hours since re-build. This Vehicle is 8 Wheel Drive with two Driving Steer Axles, Allison Automatic Transmission and 450 HP of Turbo Charged Detroit Diesel Power. It is Equipped with a Rotating Crane for loading and Unloading Cargo. This truck has just been fully serviced and is in Excellent Condition. See Specs Below.

1. Capable of operating in temperatures from -25 to 120°F (-32 to 49°C)

2. Able to ford water up to 48 in. (1 219 mm) deep for 5 minutes without
damage and without requiring maintenance before operation can continue.
3. Normal operating range of all models is 300 miles (483 km), based upon 154 gallons
(583 L) of fuel and 100,000 lbs (45 400 kg) GCWR, traveling over mixed terrain.

1. Detroit Diesel eight-cylinder, V-Type, fuel injected, turbo-charged diesel
2. Automatic transmission with one reverse speed and four forward speeds.
3. Operator controlled 4-wheel/8-wheel drive and high and low range transfer case
for positive traction in areas of unimproved road surfaces.
4. Power steering system consists of basic manual steering system with hydraulic
boost. Mechanical linkage also provides operator control in event of hydraulic oil
pressure loss.
5. Fuel system includes one fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel/water separator, fuel pump,
secondary filter, fuel pipes, and fuel injectors.
6. Two front and two rear towing eyes.
7. Manual-release-type rear pintle hook which will allow towing of a trailer.
Curb Weight: 38,700 lbs (17 570 kg)

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 68,000 lbs (30 872 kg)

Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR): 100,000 lbs (45 400 kg)

Material Handling Crane: Grove MHC985

Maximum Capacity at Boom Length of 16.5 ft. (5.0 m): 5400 lbs (2 452 kg)

M985 Oshkosh HEMTT Military Cargo Truck


M985 8X8 Military Cargo Truck manufactured by Oshkosh Truck Corporation with an 8V92 Detroit Diesel Engine and a 4 speed Allison Automatic Transmission. The M985 is 8 Wheel Drive to navigate the most treacherous off road conditions and has a PTO driven Hydraulic Crane on board for easy loading/unloading of equipment. This truck is in Excellent Mechanical Condition and ready to put to work.

This Vehicle is now available for sale.

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M929 Military Dump Truck

Fully Reconditioned M929 Military Dump Truck manufactured by AM General with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine and a 5-Speed Allison Automatic Transmission. This vehicle features a Hard Top and ABS. The tires have been upgraded to 16.00R20 Michelin XZLs to give this truck excellent off-road performance!

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M936A1 Military Wrecker/Recovery Truck

Fully Reconditioned M936A1 Military Wrecker/Recovery Truck. Featuring a 20,000 lb Front Winch and 45,000 lb rear winch as well as a Rotating Crane that can lift up to 20,000. It has ABS installed and ONLY 155 RUNNING MILES!

The M936 Military 6×6 Wrecker Truck is used to return disabled vehicles for repair, and to free stuck vehicles. The vehicle crane is hydraulically-powered, engine-driven and is used for lifting operations of up to 20,000 pounds; it can extend 10 to 18 feet. The front winch is used for freeing a vehicle or for assisting the heavy duty rear winch by acting as an anchor point. It also has two outriggers on each side for additional support. Click here to learn more about this truck.

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M813A1 Military Cargo Truck

M813A1 Military Cargo Truck manufactured by Jeep General Products with a Cummins NHC-250 Diesel Engine and a Spicer 5-Speed Manual Transmission. The cargo bed on the M813 measures 14 feet long by 7 1/3 feet wide.  This truck has been Fully Reconditioned, which includes a thorough inspection by our expert mechanics and the replacement of any part that is not in top running condition, followed by the replacement of many wear part (belts, hoses, seals, etc.) This truck also comes equipped with a 20,000 LB Front Winch and 16.00R20 Michelin XZL Super Singles for excellent off-road performance!

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